Jigsaw Children’s Hospice Christmas party

We’re very proud of our team members Lewis Parkins and Jack Carruthers – they attended the Jigsaw Children’s Hospice Christmas party on Sunday. Jigsaw’s Chief Executive Professor Patricia Livsey has since been in touch with this wonderful feedback:

‘I want to tell you how fabulous Lewis was at the event.

Lewis volunteered and rounded up his mates for them all to be the super heroes at the party.

The outfits are really heavy and cumbersome but they kept them on for hours.  Lewis was an absolute star as Bob the Builder and his wonderful approach with the children was amazing. One little boy actually thought that Lewis was the real Bob the Builder and there is a lovely photograph of him hugging Lewis. I will send you the photos when they are available

Lewis is a great success at the hospice and everyone (without exception) speaks highly of his hard work and supportive approach. A true professional!’

We would like to say a big thank you and well done to both Lewis and Jack for their efforts. You can see  Lewis dressed and Bob the Builder, and Jack as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in the photo above, we think they look great!